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ILC Micro-Chem sells results. It is the quality of our results and guaranteed fast turn around times coupled with personal attention and flexible services that brings our clients back and wins us new ones. This is the foundation of our services and the ILC Micro-Chem commitment.

ILC Micro-Chem Quality System Proficiency Testing

ILC Micro-Chem meets or exceeds internationally recognized Quality Control Standards. ILC Micro-Chem is accredited by Standards Council of Canada (SCC) under ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 for the listed scope of accreditation below.

Link to ILC Micro-Chem’s scope of accreditation:

Standards Council of Canada, ( ) Member 641

ILC Micro-Chem Commitment to Quality

ILC is committed to providing quality services to our customers.  Quality Service is provided by adhering to our Quality System, in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories” which includes all the policies and procedures for ILC Micro-Chem.  Reviews of the Quality System are held once a year.

Quality Documentation

ILC Micro-Chem’s Quality System is comprised of a Quality Systems Manual, Quality System Procedures (QSPs), Quality Analytical Methods (QAMs), Quality System Instructions (QSIs) and Quality System Forms (QSFs).

ILC Micro-Chem follows AOAC, AOCS, Health Canada, AWWA and other official methods for testing.

Quality of Work

ILC Micro-Chem’s commitment to Quality Results is maintained through the addition of performance standards to routine methods.  ILC Micro-Chem utilizes the following performance standards where required for all methods, specific details can be found in each method:

  • Standard Reference Materials (SRM)
  • Certified Reference Materials (CRM)
  • In house Laboratory Control Samples (LCS)
  • Use of Duplicates
  • Use of Blanks
  • Use of Standards (Controls and/or Calibration)

The Department Manager will evaluate the results based on acceptance / rejection criteria prior to any results being released. Any sets where controls have not met the performance criteria will be rejected and the whole set will be retested. All SRM, CRM, and LCS are charted on control charts on a daily basis. Any rejection and/ or out of tolerances is recorded and a Non-Conformance Record is initiated and completed.

Different concentration levels as well as different matrixes are used for Method Validation.  Two technicians analyze SRM, CRM and /or LCS over a period of time.  Results are statistically analyzed for repeatability, precision, bias, standard deviation, etc. Analyte concentration levels and performance standards are established based on the statistical data.  A Method Detection Limit is set based on repeated analyses over a minimum of three days.

In the Microbiology Department, performance criteria are evaluated with the use of Blanks, Positive and Negative Controls.  Any deviations from specified tolerances will require the initiation and completion of a Non-Conformance Record.

Laboratory Audits

Please feel free to contact us to schedule an audit at a mutually convenient time.