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Food Safety
Food Safety

New regulations enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will soon mandate federal licensing for all food makers, importers and exporters in Canada. Currently, only those importing meat, fish, dairy and eggs are regulated by the CFIA. The new licence will apply to all other food commodities in the country, including baked goods and snack foods, infant formula and meal replacements, and coffee and spices.

Implementation of a Preventive Control Plan (PCP) among Canadian food businesses including importers, is also under consideration by the CFIA. A preventive control plan is a systems-based approach that focuses on prevention as a way to achieve food safety and other regulatory compliance. This approach would require licence holders to consistently monitor and control their operations, correct any deviations as they occur, and maintain ongoing compliance. The process of managing a preventive control plan would continually generate new information that could be used to actively improve operations in ways that maximize food safety and regulatory compliance.

There is a lot that businesses can do proactively to prepare for the implementation and enforcement of the new regulations and avoid the last minute rush to meet deadlines. ILC Micro-Chem can help you develop a PCP for small food businesses and/or perform a hazard analysis as required under a PCP preparation.

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Consultancy Services

Contact us to find out more about the consultancy services that we offer and how we can assist you in various areas of development and implementation.

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