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Courier Service

ILC Micro-Chem has available courier pickup in the GTA and some SWO customers (Some conditions and geographic restrictions apply). Sample pick ups can be arranged by calling 1-800-668-1958. If pickups need to be scheduled on a regular basis, this can be arranged through our customer service representatives. All pick ups must be requested no later than 4:00 PM the day prior. Samples should be ready for pick up no later than 9:00 AM. A Submission Sheet or written instructions must be sent with your samples. Submission sheets should also be emailed in advance. Samples will be delayed without a submission sheet or written instructions. Ensure that when scheduling a pickup, instructions are given as to where the samples will be available for pickup, so that there is no delay to our personnel. If there are any problems associated with your sample pick up, please contact a Customer Service representative.

If sending samples by ILC Micro-Chem couriers, samples must be clearly identified with your company name. Please ensure sample types are not mixed in one bag. Please store water, food and environmental swabs in separate sealed bags to prevent cross contamination. If you are submitting an unusually large amount of samples, please call in advance to ensure that the courier has the appropriate amount of coolers. If notice is not given and there are insufficient coolers to transport your samples, you will be contacted and alternative arrangements made. If submitting a large amount of samples on a regular basis, coolers and / or sample bags for your use can be arranged through customer service.

Our couriers are supplied with infra-red temperature guns and temperatures of samples are recorded at pick up. If temperatures are out of tolerances, you will be informed. Samples are transported in coolers to ensure sample integrity.

Turnaround Times

Microbiology analysis is initiated the same day the sample is received using approved methods. Turnaround times are specified for each method on the microbiology price lists.

Rush Analysis

Rush analyses are available on a limited basis for most chemistry tests only. If a rush analysis is required, contact our customer service representative in advance to confirm ability to meet the request and to make arrangements with the appropriate department. Details including number of samples, arrival date and deadline required are necessary to determine whether we can accommodate your needs. Record the contacts you made arrangements with and specify rush on your submission sheet and sample packaging. Additional charges will apply.

Reporting Procedures

All information is submitted in good faith. Company policy and SCC compliance requires that all reports are treated as the confidential property of clients and authorization for publication of statements, conclusions or extracts regarding our reports are reserved pending our written approval. Preliminary reports may be requested if required. Final reports will be emailed upon completion to the client. A copy of the report will be sent by mail, within 48 hours after completion of all testing. For questionable results we will at the customer?s request retest. If the retest verifies the initial result customer will be charged for the retest.

Testing Methods

Unless otherwise specified in writing, all analyses are performed as per HPFB, AOAC, AOCS, and AACC, FDA, USDA, EPA or other such testing procedures as deemed applicable for our customers needs.


For non account clients, we accept payments by VISA, MASTER CARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS before samples can be processed. Customers requiring terms may submit a credit application. Upon approval our payment terms are Net 30 days. Reports will be put on hold for customers whose accounts are 60 days past due. Delinquent accounts will be charged a 1.5 % per month service charge until paid. ILC Micro-Chem has a minimum billing charge of $50.00. Pickup charges apply on analytical orders less than $200.00, depending on location.

Accreditation and Proficiency Testing

ILC Micro-Chem meets or exceeds internationally recognized Quality Control Standards. ILC Micro-Chem is accredited by Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and under ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for the tests listed in our scope of accreditation. Copies of our scope are available on the website. To assure technician proficiency, ILC Micro-Chem participates in Proficiency Testing (PT) programs offered by CFIA, AACC, and other private PT providers. Our technicians participate in Blind Duplicate Studies and Inter-Analyst Studies twice a year. Quality training sessions are held annually for all employees.